Saturday, May 7, 2016

CME LIVE: International Neonatal and Pediatric Nephrology Training Workshop

Curofy- India's largest community of verified doctors covered the CME-International Neonatal and Pediatric Nephrology Training Workshop live. This post was first published on the Curofy app. 


Most common cause: Post cardiac surgery
62% of neonates undergoing cardiac surgery develop AKI

1 in every 3 child in hospital contracts acute kidney injury

Children on ventilators: 36% of children on ventilators develop AKI
Inotrope score: increased postsurgery Inotrope, increased risks

AKI in non critically ill children:
Risk factors : longer treatment, AG treatment in previous months

How to prevent damage?

Decreased nephrotoxic drugs
Regulate hypotension

Fluid overload calculation 

Increased fluid overload means increased fatality
Fluid accumulation and fatality is independent of the critical condition of the patient, 

Survival rates fall down with increased fluid accumulation

Oxygenation is directly proportional to fluid overload

Renal Angina Index= risk of AKI*signs of injury

RAI predicts the survival and fluid overload. decreased RAI decreased risk of AKI

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